Backlot Express Gets a New Menu at Hollywood Studios

The big news this week was the opening of Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but one of the less publicized changes was the new menu that was unveiled at Backlot Express. This quick service restaurant sits in a location just next to the Jedi Training Academy stage and Star Tours and this week the menu got an overhaul to include Star Wars themed food. The menu theming includes entrees, desserts, and drinks all in a Star Wars theme.

Topping the list is the Royal Guard Burger, which is being served with barbecued brisket on the top along with Monterrey jack cheese. Another interesting menu item is the Dark Side Chicken & Waffles, which includes waffles in a Darth Vadar design, crispy chicken, BBQ sauce, and maple syrup. The Correllian Spice Fries and the Galactic Chicken Salad round out the entrees.

For the kids the main menu item are the same Dark Side Chicken & Waffles or a standard power pack. For dessert the special item are a few different types of Star Wars themed cupcakes including the Darth Vadar Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake. The final menu addition are some special alcoholic beverages that can be added to your meal or enjoyed alone, these include the Dark Side Red or Blue Harvest.