5 Tips for Using the Disney Transportation System

MonorailYou have successfully made it to your vacation destination, but how are you supposed to get around? The answer: by using the Disney World Transportation System, which is a system of monorails, boats, and busses that are going to get you from one place to another throughout your vacation. We have put together some of our tips and things to know about the Disney transportation system.

    1. Leave Plenty of Time – The number one rule to remember when using the transportation system is to always leave enough time to get from point A to point B. Sometimes a transfer to another mode of transportation is needed and you always want to make sure you arrive in plenty of time, especially if heading to a dining or activity reservation.
    2. Riding the Monorail – The world famous monorail is available for transfer to the Magic Kingdom from the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Contemporary Resorts. In addition guests of those resorts can transfer to the Epcot monorail at the Ticket and Transportation Center. These are the only three resorts that sit on the monorail line, so all other resorts will have different modes of transportation. Of course, anyone is free to use the monorail to get to and from these resorts as well as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
    3. Riding Boats – There are several resorts who have boat options that we have outlined below:
      • Grand Floridian Resort – Boat service to the Magic Kingdom and the Polynesian Resort.
      • Polynesian Resort – Boat service to the Magic Kingdom and the Grand Floridian Resort.
      • Contemporary Resort – Boat service to the Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge, and Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.
      • Ticket and Transportation Center – Ferry Boat service to the Magic Kingdom.
      • Wilderness Lodge – Boat service to the Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort and Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.
      • Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground – Boat service to the Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort and Wilderness Lodge.
      • Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter – Boat Service to Downtown Disney.
      • Boardwalk Inn & Villas, Beach Club & Villas, Yacht Club, Swan & Dolphin – These resorts share boat service from all resorts with stops at Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
    4. Riding Buses – Buses are the most common mode of transportation at Disney World and they service all theme parks, downtown disney and resorts not mentioned in the monorail or boats section above. Keep in mind if a specific theme park is serviced by monorail or boat it will most likely not offer a bus to that destination. There are a few exceptions to this and Disney will always supplement buses if inclement weather is affecting the use of boats or the monorail.
    5. Know Your Route – Always make sure you know the route you need to take when traveling to dining reservations or activity reservations. There are a few tips to know about getting from place to place.
      • There will always be a dedicated route from each resort to each theme park and Downtown Disney. Buses to each destination will come every 10-20 minutes. Downtown Disney buses seem to be a little less frequent.
      • There are NO direct route buses between resorts. Buses only run to a theme park and back. If you are trying to get from one resort to another you must take a bus to a theme park and then transfer to a bus to the resort you are headed to. The only exception is if the resort is on the monorail or is an Epcot area resort. Some of those resorts may be walking distance, connected by monorail, or connected by boat service.
      • Always ask the concierge desk if you have transportation questions. They can give you all the transportation information you need for your specific resort.

Let us know below if you have other transportation question and a “MouseDreamer” would love to help you.

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