The Basics of Magic Your Way Park Tickets

Annual PassesA key step in planning your Disney World vacation is selecting the park tickets for your family and deciding if you need any options to go along with it. Below we will lay out the basics of Disney World tickets and what you need to know about the different options that come along with those in order to help you make the best decisions for your family.

What Does Magic Your Way Mean?
Disney’s sells “Magic Your Way” tickets as their main ticket media for the theme parks at Disney World, but what does “Magic Your Way” actually mean? This is Disney’s way of saying you can customize a ticket based on what your family needs. This means you don’t have to pay for ticket options or days that your family doesn’t need, which is actually a good value to you. The negative is that you do need to be aware of each of the option below so you actually customize the correct ticket for your trip.

Pick Your Ticket Length
When purchasing Disney World tickets you must select between 1 and 10 days as your ticket length. If you are from a country other than America Disney will sell tickets usually up to 14 days in length and sometimes longer, but for our purposes we will focus on tickets sold in America, although the principles will work for everyone. The main thing to remember here is that as the number of ticket days goes up, the price per day goes down. For example a three day ticket is $275 for an adult, or $91.67 per day. A four day ticket is $305 for an adult or $76.25 per day. An eight day ticket is $345 for an adult or $43.13 per day. So you can see by the time your trip is 4 days long it only costs an extra $10 to add on each successive day, so make sure you keep this in mind when deciding how long your trip will be.

Park Hopper Option
The Park Hopper option can be added to any length ticket and it allows guests to visit more than one theme park per day. If you do not have this option you can only visit one park per day. The Park Hopper option can be added to a ticket for $64 per person, regardless of how many days are on the ticket.

Water Park Fun & More Option
The Water Park Fun & More Option works just like the Park Hopper. It costs $64 regardless of the length of the ticket and you get the same number of “Fun” options as the number of days on the ticket. So if you have a 5 day ticket you get 5 days of theme park entries and 5 “Fun” visits. You cannot use 2 days of theme park entries on the same day, but you can use 2 or more “Fun” visits on a certain day. “Fun” visits include a single entry into a Disney Water Park, a single entry into Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, a round at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, entry into Disney’s Wide World of Sports, and a few other special options.

Special Note: Water Park Fun and More does NOT include the Park Hopper option. You would have to add Park Hopper as well if you want to visit more than one theme park on any day of your trip. There is a price break though to add both the WPF&M option as well as Park Hopper as you can do that for $90 per ticket instead of the $64 for each that it would cost otherwise.

Ticket Rules
There are a few minor rules when it comes to tickets. First, unless you have the no expiration option all of your ticket days must be used within 14 day of the day of first use. Another overlooked rule is that you cannot use a theme park admission day to gain entry into a water park. You would have to purchase a water park ticket or the Water Park Fun & More Option. Also, there are different rules if you are a Florida resident, so make sure you research those or check with your travel agent. Finally, if you have a ticket without park hopper you cannot use one day of park admission to enter a park in the morning and then another day of park admission to enter a different park in the evening, you have to have the Park Hopper option to do that. Just for clarification, if you have a base ticket, without park hopper, you can leave and re-enter the same park, you just can’t enter a different park in that same day.

If you have any other questions regarding park tickets please comment below and we’ll do our best to help out.

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