‘Ohana Dinner Review

Here we are for another trip review article and this week I’m going to discuss our latest visit to one of our favorite Disney World restaurants, ‘Ohana. The Polynesian Village Resort is home to this restaurant that is one of the most popular on property and we have had several great visits here since our Disney obsession began about five years ago.

We arrived about 10 minutes early for our reservation time and despite the craziness that is ‘Ohana check in we were seated almost right at our time and with a view of the castle. For some reason I was so excited about dinner I didn’t get a picture of that great castle view so you’ll just have to trust me, it was a great view! We had a fantastic waitress who came and introduced herself and got our drink orders. While she was gone we got our stomachs warmed up with the bread, which was warm and delicious as always.

After we had received our drinks they dropped off our salad, which was a new recipe this year and we did enjoy it more so than the one that had been here in the past. After the salad we were treated to one of the most underrated parts of an ‘Ohana meal, the noodles plate.

 photo IMG_0708_zpsecvkcsma.jpg

We really enjoy the noodles here. Maybe they just seem good as they balance out all of the meat, but they sure seem to have a great taste and almost a slight sweetness to them. At the same time the plate of wings and potstickers arrived.

 photo IMG_0706_zps2s8gnfhu.jpg

Now, my wife loves the chicken wings and I love the potstickers, so we are able to appease each other by eating what we like. The wings are sticky and have a very tasty sauce and the potstickers were cooked just perfectly crispy. It was certainly a good start to the meal. As we were enjoying these items the meat began to arrive. For those of you who haven’t been to ‘Ohana the meat is delivered on long skewers and the waiters just push off however much you want onto your plate. Here was my plate at some point in the meal.

 photo IMG_0709_zpstktc0yra.jpg

The steak was cooked perfectly as you can see in the picture. That has not always been the case here as it is sometimes overcooked, but we got a great batch on this visit. I also had the chicken and it was really tasty, and my wife and I agreed it was much better than we remember. I was a little disappointed that the pork had been taken off the menu as I used to like the pork better than the chicken, but this was good nonetheless. Finally, the shrimp…heaven! I love the shrimp here and it has been that way every time I have been to ‘Ohana. It is cooked perfectly and the seasoning and char are just excellent. Needless to say what you see on the plate above was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of shrimp I took care of on this visit!

After we finished all of the meat we could eat they brought out the final course; bread pudding!

 photo IMG_0710_zpshj1xxckp.jpg

Now, I am a big fan of bread pudding and I know some people do not like the consistency of this dish, but I tend to really enjoy this type of dessert. The bread pudding is served warm and then topped with vanilla ice cream that melts down over it. Then you can pour the sauce over the top and it is also hot so the ice cream continues melting and just makes a delicious mixture around the bread pudding. Overall, it was a great finish to a really good meal.

I would also note that we were dining in the blackout period of May 30-June 15 at ‘Ohana for the Tables in Wonderland card. I asked our waitress about it and she went and asked her manager and they ended up giving us sour discount anyways. So, big props to our waitress, not only did she take great care of us, but she got us our discount too!

Hopefully you all enjoyed our review of ‘Ohana. We’d love for you to tell us about your visit to ‘Ohana in the comments section below.

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