Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Getting Long Refurbishment

Big Thunder EntranceBig Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World is going to be undergoing a long refurbishment later this year. The ride will be down fro April 4, 2016 through July of 2016. This seems like a rather long refurbishment for just routine maintenance, especially since it was too long ago since it had another lengthy closing as they put down a new track. This long time period leads many people to believe that this version of the ride will be getting some of the new, interactive elements that were added to the Disneyland version not too long ago. That version has some great new elements and some stunning special effects that make it a ride not to be missed at Disneyland. This is all just speculation though as only time will tell what Disney has up their sleeve. (Picture Above Credited To:CC-BY-SA-2.0/Michael Gray at Wikipedia)

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