Star Wars Land Concept Art Released

This past Sunday evening during the “Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland at 60” event on ABC Disney announced several new details as well as pieces of concept are for the new Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland in California and Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Star Wars Land CA 2
Star Wars Land CA 3
Harrison Ford, one of the stars of the Star Wars movies, presented the segment that simply referred to this project as the “Star Wars Experience”. During the presentation guests saw artwork of the Millennium Falcon attractions which it appears will actually give guests control of the infamous ship.

Star Wars Land CA 5
Another part of the presentation look at a new ride that is going to deal with a battle sequence and some sources are describing this as a dark ride similar to Spiderman at Universal Studios. This ride is thought to center around subject matter from the newest film, The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Land CA 6
Star Wars Land CA 4
Finally, the video showed images of a walk through Millennium Falcon, the Cantina, a street market, and a sit down “dinner club” dining experience.

Star Wars Land CA 1
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