My Disney Experience App Getting a Navigation Feature

My Disney ExperienceDisney has just announced that Disney World’s My Disney Experience app for your smart phone is getting a new feature. The new feature will allow guests to navigate around Disney World, including inside the theme parks, much like a navigation app on your smart phone when your driving. Guests will be able to select an attraction or location on the map and hit “Get Directions” and then they will select where they are coming from. At that point they can select a location or simply allow their phone’s GPS to use their current location.

This app will not only be valuable when inside the parks, but it will make use of transportation options when outside of the park by indicating how you should make your way to other locations via busses, the monorail, or boats. It will also give an estimate of the time of travel. The new navigation feature of the My Disney Experience app certainly sounds like it will be of use and I look forward to seeing its functionality.

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