A Little Disney Magic and A Surprise Trip to Fantasmic!

Trip Review SaturdayOne of the reasons people like us keep going back to Disney over and over and over is because of the “Magic” that we feel and experience while we are there. For today’s Saturday review article I wanted to write about one of these instances from a recent trip when we experienced a piece of “Disney Magic”. Back in the days of the original FastPass system if you were like me you loved leaving the parks and being able to give away any unused FastPasses to another family that could use them. You were able to spread some “Disney Magic” yourself. Well, with the FastPass+ system now in use we can’t pay it forward like that anymore, but we were the recipients of something similar one day in Hollywood Studios.

As we were returning to Hollywood Studios after a mid-day break we were approached by a lady on Hollywood Boulevard who asked if we were staying for Fantasmic. We had not decided whether we were staying or not at the time and that is when she offered us one of these:

 photo IMG_1022_zpsoijuvffc.jpg

Her family had done a Fastasmic! Dinner Package, but had decided they were not wanting to stay around for the show. We decided pretty quickly that with this reserved seating voucher we would go ahead and try and see Fantasmic! It was almost too good for us to pass up and we certainly did not want to let the “Disney Magic” go to waste.

With the reserved seating pass in hand we headed into the stadium about 20 minutes before the show as that stadium can seem extremely hot in the summer while waiting for the show to start. For some reason there just does not seem to be much of a breeze in the amphitheater. We did make it into the reserved seating section fairly easily, but the stadium was pretty crowded at this point.

 photo IMG_1013_zps3iekg5as.jpg

We purposefully wanted to be kind of near the back of the seating area as we had a three year old with us at the time and we thought the show might be a little intense for him. Not to mention this stadium is very difficult to get out of after the show, so that is another positive to being near the top of the amphitheater, it allows for a quick exit.

The show was good as it usually is, and our three year old did make it through. He only got scared one time and covered his ears, but he enjoyed much of the show as well. He especially enjoyed the boat of characters.

 photo IMG_1020_zpsu9jkiewv.jpg

Overall we were extremely excited to be the recipients of this round of “Disney Magic” and will certainly do our best to pay it forward some time in the future when we have the opportunity.

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