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About the MouseDreams Blog

Our goal here at the MouseDreams Blog is to give all of our readers accurate and helpful information that will make planning your next Disney vacation fun instead of tedious. There are many parts to planning a Disney vacation in the 21st century, but we are here to help. Not only are we producing new content on a weekly basis that will help in planning Disney vacations by using the “Destinations” tab at the top of this page you can access content in an organized and easy to use format. Simply choose your destination and see a listing of any past articles we have written on that topic.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are three ways you can get involved in the MouseDreams Blog:

  1. Comment on any Blog or Article Posted on this Site – We check the comment log daily and will do our best to drop by answer any question you post about an article. We also love to just hear your thoughts and opinions on certain topics. If you are a veteran Disney traveler stop by and give your thoughts on a topic. We are all part of one big MouseDreams family!
  2. Be a part of the MouseDreams Forums – This is a great way to interact and get to know other Disney fans. Our forums are strongly monitored and we want a safe and friendly environment for people to share about their Disney trips and get advice on upcoming trips.
  3. Listen to the MouseDreams Podcast. During this podcast we spend time each week on current news from the Disney community as well as a feature segment on Disney travel. Also, the show will always feature time to answer your listener questions. If you want your question discussed on a show fill out this form and listen in. Finally, if you like the show make sure and rate us in the iTunes Store and Android Store so we can be heard by more listeners. You can subscribe to the podcast in the following ways: Stitcher RadioPodbeaniTunesRSS Feed.

Our Team
To learn more about our team listen to Episode #1 of the MouseDreams Podcast.

Jon About Us PictureJon Arthur
Owner, MouseDreams Blog
Host, MouseDreams Podcast

Jon Arthur founded the MouseDreams Blog in December of 2015 after five years as a very, very big Disney fan. Jon and his wife, April, went to Disney World for the first time in the summer of 2011 and have never looked back. Both have grown into huge Disney fans and they are constantly planning and dreaming of their next Disney vacation. Jon has a great passion for helping people create well-planned Disney trips so that they can actually enjoy their vacation, rather than be worried about the details. Jon writes a weekly blog post about Disney trip planning that comes out every Tuesday as well as a weekly Disney trip review article that comes out on Saturday’s.

Lysa Thornton
Senior Blogger, MouseDreams Blog
Co-Host, MouseDreams Podcast

Growing up in the shadow of The Matterhorn in Anaheim, California, Lysa has always had a deep love for all things Disney. She is a mom, educator and freelance writer and is now adventuring into another one of her passions–travel and Disney! The former English teacher is our resident “writing expert” and has a weekly blog post that comes out every Thursday.

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