Preferred Parking Option Available at Disney Water Parks

Typhoon Lagoon (CC)In the last few days it has been observed that Disney World is now offering preferred parking at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, much like it has been doing at several of the theme parks. General parking at the water parks is free, compared to $20 at the theme parks, but the new preferred option at the water parks is costing guests $15 for the day. Payment can be made in cash only. It remains to be seen if this is a permanent offering or just a trial period.

New Water Slide Reportedly Coming to Typhoon Lagoon

Walt Disney World Typhoon Lagoon Entrance
For the first time in over 10 years Disney is supposedly building a new family water slide at Typhoon Lagoon according to permits filed with the state of Florida. This new ride is located just west of the Crush ‘n Gusher ride and appears to include some other new guest areas around the ride. Disney has not commented on or confirmed this story, but the following was released by the Orlando Business Journal:

The theme park giant’s plans include the “construction of new guest areas, including a water feature. Sidewalks and landscaped areas will be provided for guest access,” according to state records. “The project under consideration is a new family raft ride that is to be located west of the Crush N Gusher ride,” said an engineering document included with the plans.

Other details indicate the water ride would include an “elevated flume/track” and be supported by columns. Geographically, the new addition would be located at the northern-most portion of the park, which is currently just backstage operations space.

There’s no clear timeline included with the documents, but it’s possible the attraction would be ready sometime in 2017. This upcoming summer season may be too soon, and the water parks generally begin to pull back on operations as the winter months near.

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