Cape May Cafe Dinner Review

One of our family’s favorite meals when at Walt Disney World is having dinner at Cape May Cafe. It seems as if the vibe of the restaurant fits in so perfectly with what we want in a dinner. The staff is easy going and friendly, and the buffet has always been of high quality when we have dined here. Hopefully this experience would not be any different.

We always like to get an early dinner reservation here, right around 5:00 and this time was no different. The one negative to this restaurant, in our opinion, is that the buffet area can get quite crowded as you get further into the dinner service. There is nothing worse than a buffet of tasty, all-you-can-eat crab legs sitting there, but you cannot get to it because there are so many people. We feel that getting an early reservation helps avoid this as much as possible.

We checked in about five minutes before our 5:00 reservation and were seated promptly at 5:00 PM. One of my favorite parts of this restaurant are the decorative sand castles located throughout the dining area.

 photo IMG_1232_zpsk55apbtk.jpg

 photo IMG_1233_zpsbfzzjnuw.jpg

The decor in the restaurant is exactly what you would expect of a restaurant in the Beach Club Resort. The colors are inviting and the sand castles do a great job of putting you in a seafood mood! Soon after sitting down our waitress, Marie, arrived and she was fantastic! She was so helpful with our three year old throughout the meal and spent a lot of time just talking and conversing with us about where we were from and things like that.

Once we got settled I headed up and wasted no time in finding the main event, the crab legs!

 photo IMG_1235_zpsgcchnl0m.jpg

After perusing the first part of the buffet I ended up with a plate of crab, shrimp, and two different types of potatoes.

 photo IMG_1237_zpsvrfotc83.jpg

One thing that always impresses us about Cape May Cafe is how well done the crab legs are despite being done in a buffet setting. It would be easy to put out sub-par crab legs in this large scale setting, but every time we’ve been here they have been very tasty and well done. In addition to the crab legs I particularly loved a dish on the buffet that was labeled the “Seafood Penne Pasta”. It was fantastic with large chunks of seafood and a nice, cheesy sauce. They also had calamari on the evening that we were there, which is also not a dish you would think of as being very good on a buffet, but it was very tasty. Neither my wife or I just love calamari in general, but we did eat quite a bit of it and definitely enjoyed it.

After we were finished with the buffet we set out to see what desserts were going to catch our eye. The dessert buffet here is made up of many different types of small, bite sized desserts. I ended up with a few different selections.

 photo IMG_1239_zpseqcmuuqt.jpg

None of the dessert selections were particularly memorable, but they were good and since they were included on the buffet we certainly had our share.

As we finished our meal, around 6:00 PM the restaurant was really starting to fill up and this is where we discussed this is definitely a meal you want to get an early dinner reservation. By the time we were leaving their were some pretty long lines just to get down the side of the buffet with the crab legs. All things considered though that is the really the only major complaint of this restaurant. It is a restaurant we highly recommend in terms of the atmosphere and quality of the food. The price tag for this restaurant is a bit high, but considering you get pretty good crab legs it is a restaurant we still tend to frequent when we are at Disney World. The price for adults will range from $47.99 to $51.99 depending on the time of year and the child price will range from $26.10 to $29.99.

Have you been to Cape May Cafe for dinner? If so, give us your thoughts below.