Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Review

 photo IMG_0987_zpsr30bjmkb.jpgFor today’s Saturday Trip Review Article we are going to look at our last visit to one of the most popular restaurants at Disney World, the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. The Sci-Fi Diner is one of the most heavily themed restaurants in all of Walt Disney World as guests are ushered into a dimly lit room meant to reflect being at the drive in movies, and I happen to think Disney really did a great job of delivering on this theme. From the movies playing on the big screen to being seated in replica convertible cars that have been made into booths, the theming is impeccable.

It is worth noting that we had a 5:50 reservation and check in about five minutes early, but were a little disappointed to not be seated until 6:20. For some reason this restaurant seems to have issues like this more often than not of not seating guests on time. As soon as we walked inside though the atmosphere took over and we were certainly able to enjoy our dinner.

Our waitress for this meal was fantastic and as we ordered our drinks she reminded us that we could have anyone of their special flavors added in so I took her up on that offer and added some vanilla flavoring to my soda and it was delicious. She also brought our three year old son some goldfish in a little cup so that he would have something to snack on while waiting for our meal. I have never seen that at any other Disney restaurant and he very much appreciated it.

 photo IMG_1003_zpskfm7ch1g.jpgNext came our meals and my wife ordered an appetizer as her dinner, the Honey Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing and Celery Sticks and she loved it. She even commented that it was probably the best thing she had eaten on our trip thus far and this was on about day five. She offered me a wing, which I graciously accepted and was able to confirm her opinion that these wings were great. It is something we would definitely order again either as a meal or appetizer.

For my meal I ended up going with the Sci-Fi Angus Burger topped with pulled pork, Siracha barbecue sauce, Swiss cheese, and pickled apple slaw. I asked for the slaw on the side as I am not a huge fan of that kind of thing on my burger. This burger was actually really good and cooked well, the only negative I had was that the pulled pork did not seem extremely fresh. It was a little tough and not extremely flavorful. The apple slaw was pretty good in our opinion as we just ate it as a side instead of trying it on the burger.

Our son got the popcorn chicken kids meal and it was served with french fries. I am always amazed at how large of a serving of fries they put on kids meals at sit down restaurants and this one was no exception. He enjoyed his kids meal, but his favorite thing was the shakes we ordered to go with our meals. We tried both the oreo shake and the chocolate shake and both were delicious.

Overall, Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is certainly a favorite of our family for several reasons. The atmosphere is great, it is a great meal for kids as their is built in entertainment with the movie screens, and the food is usually pretty good. The food is not fancy and I would not call it excellent, but it is certainly an enjoyable spot for lunch or dinner at Hollywood Studios. Finally, our waitress on this trip, Brittany, was awesome! She was constantly interacting and talking with our son. She brought the snack to him at the start of the meal and kept checking on him the entire time. She even boxed up the remaining goldfish for him so he could take them out into the park for a snack later. She truly had the “Disney Spirit” going for her and it made our visit to Sci-Fi extra special.

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